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超越艺术,回归生活。 东鹏温哥华岛展厅盛大开幕,聚焦优质产品


“净”请关注 —— 东鹏空气净化砖为马来西亚槟城带来清新一夏


以科技赋能产品 东鹏亮相第三十三届泰国曼谷国际建材展 创享绿色生活品质新体验

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  • Dongpeng Takes Further Step in Extending

    Dongpeng takes further step in extending its global presenceby Shining in the Coverings’18 in Atlanta全球视野 战略布局 东鹏亮相美国亚特兰大建材展大放异彩① It is the mostpreeminent event for the ceramic tile and natu

  • DP Unveiled its New Gallery in Kuala Lumpur,Malays

    Event | It is with great pleasure to announce that Dongpeng has proudly extended our wings to another country in Asia - Malaysia.  Through the establishment of Malaysia’s DP gallery in Kuala

  • Dongpeng’s headquarters in China

    Gallery | Dongpeng’s headquarters in China has unveiled its newly-renovated gallery. Keeping abreast of the modern industrial style, various display zones for major collections, Marble+, Wood, St

  • Lantern Festival

    Festival | Today marks the Chinese Lantern Festival and the Chinese Valentine's Day. On this special day, firework burns bright in the sky. Families gather around, watching the lantern shows

  • The 122nd Canton Fair is Around the Corner

    The 122nd Canton Fair is around the corner!Event | The 122nd Canton Fair is around the corner! From 15th to 19th October, Dongpeng aims to bring you the collections of excellent performance, ensuring

  • The 122nd Canton Fair Inaugurated in Guangzhou

    The 122nd Canton Fair Inaugurated in Guangzhou, ChinaEvent | On October 15th, the 122nd Canton Fair was inaugurated at 9:00 AM in Guangzhou, China.DP Resort has become the pop star idea that attracted