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Dongpeng X Aihouse X Dekorey From Design to Supply# Zoom Webinar &Healthy Innovation Session From Dongpeng Attendees: Members from HDII (Indonesian Interior Design Association) “砖卫设计,健康赋能” 从灵感设计到


Dongpeng Healthguard Myanmar Session! Let’s figure it out how do they work and what are the benefits! Click the below link to watch our Live!


With the ringing of the opening bell Dongpeng is successfully listed on the Stock Exchange.Stock code:003012Congratulations!...

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  • Dongpeng Ceramic x Philip Colbert

    ​Dongpeng Ceramic x Philip Colbert ​My Home, My Style Creating endless new possibilities

  • A Growing Brand A Born Trendsetter

    A Growing Brand A Born Trendsetter Dongpeng Marks Its Sixth Expedition at CERSAIE 2018 大国品牌,世界风行 东鹏再次代表中国出征意大利博洛尼亚展

  • Dongpeng  in the 124th Canton Fair

    Dongpeng made its dazzling appearance in the 124th Canton Fair 设计升级,东鹏华丽亮相124届广交会

  • Dongpeng has brought huge opportunities

    Targeted at Asia Alliance,Dongpeng has brought huge opportunities to the worldWith its further exploration starting from Architects’ 18以产品 创启空间以策略 布局全球东鹏2018泰国曼谷国际建材展盛大发布A review on Architects’18 Exhi

  • Asia Alliance World Vision 2018 Dongpeng Annual

    Asia Alliance World Vision 2018 Dongpeng Annual Conference was Held in the Design Hub of Asia--Thailand亚洲先行•全球视野 |“红”动曼谷,东鹏全球客户年会盛大召开Revolving around the theme of “Asia Alliance, World Vision”, Dongpe

  • Dongpeng Takes Further Step in Extending

    Dongpeng takes further step in extending its global presenceby Shining in the Coverings’18 in Atlanta全球视野 战略布局 东鹏亮相美国亚特兰大建材展大放异彩① It is the mostpreeminent event for the ceramic tile and natu