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  • Healthguard Collection

    Anti-slip Marble+ Tiles (AST) Anti-bacterial Tiles (ABT) Air Purification Tiles (APT)

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  • Anti-slip Marble+ Tiles

    In 2019, Dongpeng’s newly upgraded Marble+ collection, Anti-slip Marble+ made a debut. The anti-slip factors injected into the micro-pores of the body make the pores become a vacuum state, in which the attraction of objects attached to them can be strengthened, achieving a significant improvement in anti-slip performance. At the same time, it also retains excellent anti-stain performance. This anti-slip technology has been approved by authoritative experts and been recognized as internatonal advanced level. It is a revolutionary breakthrough that truly leads the ceramics industries at home and abroad.

  • Anti-bacterial Tiles

    Dongpeng Ceramics, based on the core concept of "Long-term Anti-bacterial Care for Health", goes deep into the R&D and production system, values the health issues of vulnerable groups, and reconstructs the consumer demand of the ceramics industry. After 17 years’ technology development and formula adjustments over 1000 times, Dongpeng Anti-bacterial tiles is officially launched in 2020. By incorporating anti-bacterial metal ions into the tiles, the protein molecular structure of bacterial is destroyed; therefore, bacteria die as they lose their ability to regenerate, achieving 24/7 disinfection . It is supported with technology, verified by data, and finally forms the core value of "health, beauty, quality".

  • Air purification tiles

    With the new arrival of a variety of air-purification tiles, Dongpeng starts to set a new fashion trend with the aim to expand its role as a technological trendsetter through its unabated focus of innovation and healthy living. Applying sophisticated techniques, which adds air purification function to products, Dongpeng’s new series of air-purification tiles has been well respected by customers.

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  • Inspired by the Ink Jade Marble, a unique stone from the southwest of China, Ink Jade ABT features distinct black and white veins which visualize the traditional Chinese Ink Painting. It is the ingenious workmanship of nature that makes art combined with culture.

  • The inspiration is drawn from the Spanish Real Madrid who has achieved great triumphs over a century. Small silver-white line texture on the pure grey background is just like the sweat of a player on the battlefield.

  • ...

  • Deriving from Italian design, Star White APT is as pure as a white drawing board embellished with dreamy and dynamic line texture, just like the flowing water sleeves in the hands of a dancer performing a peerless dance.