• Air-Purification Tile

    Applying sophisticated techniques, which adds air purification function to products,Dongpeng’s new series of air-purification tiles has been well respected by its vivid decorative effects, superior durability and excellent purification performance.

  • Dongpeng Marble+ 4.0

    After the upgrade of the five previous Marble+ series, the latest generation Marble+ 4.0, a more diversified,original and superior collection, is released in a new way, It lends a touch of aesthetics to your ideal home through an all-round improvement in terms of specifications, textures, body, glaze, designs and applications.


    Lurax catches the beauty of sandstone in nature perfectly with its vivid texture endowed by tiny granules. Besides, the winding silver line, which extends lengthways on its surface, breathes the vitality and a sense of dynamic into spaces. Lurax is eminently?suitable?for adorning spaces in an elegant way.


    Dongpeng Rosso series feature striking white veins and golden blossom-like patterns that run through the whole tile body. In the style of elegance and minimalist, it aspires to lend an classy and peaceful touch to application in various spaces.


    The wonderful nature inspires us to build lasting peace in our minds to rethink the harmonious communication between man and nature, and that is the original creativity what makes Makore. As an art-beats-nature product, its wide array of colors and the rough but orderly textures have creatively incorporated the natural woods, strongly presenting the beauty of original ecology and the pure fervency from nature. Taking advantage of the ingenious mold technique and water absorption less than 0.5% , Makore has become the preference of the designers and fashion-lovers with supreme quality and durability, greatly enhancing its application in both interior and exterior areas for wall and floor.

  • Air purification tiles

    With the new arrival of a variety of air-purification tiles, Dongpeng starts to set a new fashion trend with the aim to expand its role as a technological trendsetter through its unabated focus of innovation and healthy living. Applying sophisticated techniques, which adds air purification function to products, Dongpeng’s new series of air-purification tiles has been well respected by customers.


    With its perceptual expression, art reveals the living style of contemporary people to full extent. It finds its own value unceasingly with new forms and new ideas. By integrating modern, concise and fashionable elements into the design of products, we perfectly create a comfortable living style with most simple enjoyment and a nice balance among ceramics, art and contemporary living.

  • Dongpeng x Philip Colbert

    Dongpeng Ceramic collaborates with English neo-pop surrealist Philip Colbert to develop a series of pop products, lending space a truly distinctive feeling.

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  • Inspired by the white marble quarried in Italy, Dongpeng earnestly launches new product LAETTA for the world. In the contrast of the simple white background, the straight-forward grey veins have graceful and vivid patterns, revealing special natural beauty. Dongpeng Laetta is ideally suitable for creation of elegant atmosphere

  • The white background with light grey veining nearly corresponds with everyone's perception to the most beautiful marble, for which it is the designated product for many of the world's most important buildings. It could easily highlights the elegant style, bringing a enjoyment like royalty.

  • Inspired by the natural art of islands in Italy, Dongpeng has made Loreto come into the world with its sophisticated process of inkjet printing, adding a creative decoration effect to projects and impress those who choose it with its unique baby-face characteristic and the exquisite veins as soft as skin.

  • As pure and noble as the wonders from Italy snow mountain, AOSTA is the expression of aesthetic appreciation and practical applicability, ideal for decorating walls and floors in a sophisticated, elegant style with its exquisite softness and sufficiency in patterns.