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    Brand Evolution,Alliance Connection Dongpeng Distributors Partners Recruitment is in full swing! We welcome more partners to join us to get exclusive branding and operation supports!


    Multicountry Promotion, Customer Appreciation From Sept. to Oct., Dongpeng will be bringing the greatest benefits to all customers in five countries to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Stay tuned with our following updates.

  • 东鹏瓷砖澳洲首家华人线上瓷砖购物平台

    东鹏澳洲首家华人线上瓷砖购物平台正式登录今日悉尼 ! 一键点击下方Learn More 即可跳转。

  • Dongpeng's successful listing on the main board of the stock exchange

  • Air purification tiles

    With the new arrival of a variety of air-purification tiles, Dongpeng starts to set a new fashion trend with the aim to expand its role as a technological trendsetter through its unabated focus of innovation and healthy living. Applying sophisticated techniques, which adds air purification function to products, Dongpeng’s new series of air-purification tiles has been well respected by customers.

  • Healthguard Collection

    Anti-slip Marble+ Tiles (AST) Anti-bacterial Tiles (ABT) Air Purification Tiles (APT)

  • Anti-bacterial Tiles

    Dongpeng Ceramics, based on the core concept of "Long-term Anti-bacterial Care for Health", goes deep into the R&D and production system, values the health issues of vulnerable groups, and reconstructs the consumer demand of the ceramics industry. After 17 years’ technology development and formula adjustments over 1000 times, Dongpeng Anti-bacterial tiles is officially launched in 2020. By incorporating anti-bacterial metal ions into the tiles, the protein molecular structure of bacterial is destroyed; therefore, bacteria die as they lose their ability to regenerate, achieving 24/7 disinfection . It is supported with technology, verified by data, and finally forms the core value of "health, beauty, quality".


    GLOBAL KA PARTNERS MEMBERSHIP We welcome the above project partners to join us for a win-win cooperation.

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  • On September 21, local time, Dongpeng Showroom in Paris, France marked its grand opening. Despites today’s difficulty and challenge faced by export company from the building materials industry, Dongpe
  • On Oct.26, the 1st Edition of “Corradino D’Ascanio Innovation Award Ceremony was held at The House of Roosevelt in Shanghai. As the only one Chinese Brand in China, Dongpeng has won the Award with its
  • Dongpeng new flagship store is on now! ​We will remain committed to offering our products and services to improve the living standard of the local consumers and promote the local construction for
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  • Originate from the peach tree in spring,the warm pink color is warm and fresh,makes our house more cozy.

  • Inspired by the Chinese mythology of the laurel tree, Dongpeng Laurus nobilis series makes people feel so warm,cozy and comfortable with light beige color.

  • Inspired by the natural scenery - mist lying in the folds of hills,Dongpeng Mist Series makes the home be natural and mysterious.

  • As white as frost,Dongpeng Sintered Stone Hoarfrost series,shows the pure elegance of home.