Fully matching space decoration function and aesthetics, the new arrivals show originality, favored by designers and architects.


    As gentle as jade, as elegant as pearl, CALIZA is definitely a noble choice for premium spaces with its extensive size range and distinctive characteristics.

  • Lava

    LAVA has considerably blended the fine quality and spirits of natural stone in harmony, aiming to explore independent modern decoration artworks.

  • MIRO

    Dongpeng Marble+ MIRO serves to create an atmosphere of elegance, dignity, and tranquility, injecting infinite vitality into luxurious residential and commercial areas.

  • Dongpeng Ceramic x Philip Colb

    Dongpeng Ceramic collaborates with English neo-pop surrealist Philip Colbert to develop a series of pop products, lending space a truly distinctive feeling.

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New arrivals
  • It is a collection combining aesthetic and performance. The vivid textures in four different colors, creamy white, beige, coffee and grey, formulates special scenes on earth. With non-rectified side effect, the bevel joint is perfectly and naturally compatible. The slip resistance rate is as high as R11, making it a must-have item for the space required a higher anti-slip standard, for example kitchen and bathroom. It also enjoys a 0.05% of water absorption performance, by which extends its utility and durability.

  • Beton cement series, named after a type of special concrete, is favored in both interior and exterior spaces. It creates a tranquil and dignified atmospheres that related to art and nature. Exclusively in matte finish, three different colors have extended its availability to wider applications in modern space design, ideally for cafe, restaurant etc. Integrated with beauty and functionality, Beton is made to outshine the rest.

  • The wonderful nature inspires us to build lasting peace in our minds, to rethink the harmonious communication between man and nature, and that is the original creativity what makes Makore. As an art-beats-nature product, its wide array of colors and the rough but orderly textures have creatively incorporated the natural woods, strongly presenting the beauty of original ecology and the pure fervency from nature. Taking advantage of the ingenious mold technique and water absorption less than 0.5% , Makore has become more inclined towards the preference of the designers and fashion-lovers with supreme quality and durability, greatly enhancing its application in both interior and exterior areas for wall and floor.

  • It is the prevailing industry trend with the wood-look ceramic tile in place of timber. As an environment-friendly product, KOKKO stands out from the other tiles because it does such a realistic imitation of natural wood but keeps a more superior performance compared to the natural ones. Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, KOKKO has fully exerted its advantages as a solution to meet the various needs and demands of fashion-lovers and architects. With the water absorption less than 0.5% and being non-rectified, it’s easy for handing and durable for use, practically attractive as the most ideal building material for wall and floor.